Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Breathing space

As I filled the tank of my car this morning, I noticed something unusual on the bricks beside me and took a closer look as soon as I returned the nozzle to the pump. I had never seen a moth like this before and I couldn't help but stop long enough to take a picture. This is a Giant Leopard Moth and they aren't normally in town. Of course, I looked up the metaphysical meanings of both Moth and Leopard and found some interesting information about them both. I can't really say how much of it pertains to me, but it's something I'll be thinking about over the next few days.

In the meantime... I'm mostly settled into my new place. This one is one of the old motor courts that were so prevalent in the 50s (this one was built in 1953). My apartment/room is in really good condition and, even though everything looks nearly new, I'm not certain that it isn't the original fixtures. The handles on the metal desk look authentic to me, but they aren't nearly as worn as I'd expect. The bathroom tiles are soft mint and baby blue, but they look vibrant instead of washed out. The wooden floors have been stained with a dark cherry finish and is mostly smooth, with just a few small gouges here and there. I am sure that the cats are happy to be back in the same place as me and all three of them have taken to sleeping on the bed now. Serephina caught a cold while she was in the Humane Society, then Aurora got it a week after we got moved in, but they are both much better at this point. Lyra didn't even get the sniffles.

I have almost all of my own things moved in at this point and I'm certain that I'll be able to empty the storage unit by the end of this month. It's crowded, of course, but as time goes on, I'll get a few more shelves and such to keep everything more organized. I'll even look into the bins that fit under beds so that I can use that space, too. I'm looking at this small space as practice for getting myself used to an RV. I've already learned a lot about how I want things to be laid out as well as making sure that I have enough spaces for the cats to hide, nap, or play.

My fundraiser is still going for another month and, if you know anyone interested in purchasing some embroidered items or memberships in a self-striping yarn club, please send them my direction. I'll be adding a few more things this weekend, too, so check back later to see what's new.

I want to write a lot more this morning, but I am a little tired from waking early the last several days. I do hope that you are all having a wonderful day!

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