Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Last Day

This is it. The last day that I will be the mother of a minor. I started a list of things that would no longer happen, but simply it's the last day for so many things. This is a weird place. And something funny? I reached this place before either of my exes.

My kids have both been the most awesome things about my life. I mean that with every fiber of my being. They have brought me more laughter and love than anyone else ever has. They've been my steady beam of light, my anchor to reality, and my brightest inspiration. They have fueled my imagination, enhanced my spirituality, and brought out my fierceness. They've taught me patience and compassion, given me laughter and silliness, shared dreams and heartache. We've been angry enough at each other to bring tears to the surface and clenched fists at our sides. We've had sleepless nights with buckets and towels and washing machines running. We've had early mornings with red eyes and weariness. We've had evenings of running from one theater to another so we could catch the next show, singing loudly in the car, yelling from the opposite sides of the house, and laughing when we catch ourselves messing things up royally. We have fought over chores, compromised over curfews, and voted on dinner.

Don't get me wrong; there were some really crappy times when the money was gone, when my sanity was shaky, when everything fell apart. There were times when I opted for the television over books, fast food over health, and rushed moments over quality time. Things were far from perfect and far from fabulous. But I love them with more than I can ever, ever express.

As I think about all of this, the changes coming up, the changes that have already happened, and some things that will never occur, I can't help but feel that bittersweet pang whenever the horizon shifts. What will happen in our futures? What challenges do we face? How many will we face together? How many apart? Of course, none of us have the answers to these things, but I have a lot of hope that we will still be the "Triforce Family" through the years to come.

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