Thursday, July 17, 2014

The mob...

I posted a link on Facebook yesterday of what I'd been reading while eating breakfast ( A friend asked what led me to that article and I thought about the threads & trails I usually take when "strolling" through the internet. This particular one...

It started out as a rather amorphous thought about the way our society reacts to things. It seems that the one with the loudest voice gets the most notice, while those who speak softly (often with wisdom and respect) are brushed aside. Our society is in a steady and rapid decline in so many areas that I couldn't possibly list them right now.  I see pictures of people beside the American flag with "'Murica" typed on it an I want to cringe (I see that as extremely disrespectful to the history of our nation, the people who fought to make sure we stayed free, and those who are doing what they can to keep us safe... police, firefighters, soldiers, etc.). I was reading about the buses full of children and how a lot of people are coming out to picket, but who are they really angry with? The kids? Their parents want them to live away from the drugs & war mongers. The bus drivers? They are only doing their job. None of these picketers are thinking, they are only following the mob. That thought led to "Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them and they'll be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they'll roar."

America has become the mob. Little by little, the simplest of freedoms are being taken away and America cheers about it because it's wrapped up in the illusion that we're (generic term) getting something better. The "news" is filled with fluff stories generated to raise the mob to a frenzy, but what exactly are they rising for? The smokestacks on their trucks? The perfect yoga pants? Our nation really has been in a rut for so long that these "rebellions" or "triumphs" seem like the coup of a lifetime. And yet...

Children are dying every moment, people are going through hell every moment, women are fighting for their lives every moment, men are dragged through the dirt every moment, but we're more concerned with what's going in in the lives of the celebrities and the scandals of the politicians than we will ever be in the lives of human beings who only need a little compassion.

That was what brought me to the article.

I don't have some wondrous words of wisdom to wrap this post up, and I need to get dressed and out the door, but I think it would be really great if people would stop and think about what they are really fighting about instead of following the loudest mob.

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