Monday, June 16, 2014

Time passing

I should be working on my next Elements post, but I really wanted to just catch up on things.

Brianna is officially a senior in high school now. Some of you might already know that she really struggled in school this year. It was a bit of a shock to us both since she pretty much breezed through the last few years with no problem. Not this year. Hours of daily homework, poor test grades even after studying hard, and a lot of angst and stress. But all her hard work has come to a shining moment when she joyfully announced that she passed her junior year on Facebook (after sending a text to me). I'm so proud of her and all of her hard work! She is still set up to graduate a little early (January instead of June) and has plans for afterward. Interestingly enough, we got a call from a recruiter on Saturday and they are looking for welders. I'm not going to tell Brianna what to do since this has to be her decision, but I will be in full support of whatever she chooses.

We had a fabulous weekend with lunch at Papas & Beer then out to see Maleficent. We both enjoyed it quite a bit and I have to admit that it touched me deeper than I had thought. This is the second Disney movie I've watched recently that had very little to do with the love between a princess and her prince. Very refreshing. Maleficent was also quite traumatic in the sense that she was betrayed by someone who was "trying to protect her". I can't go more into it without a few spoilers, but I am looking forward to owning this movie.

Yesterday was Father's Day here in America. It's never been one of my favorite pseudo-holidays, but that's not because I didn't have a good Dad, only because I don't believe these special times only deserve one day a year. My Dad-growing-up (Bob) really did his best for us. He worked long hours, did his best to take care of my Mom when she was so sick, and did his best to teach me how to do repairs around the house and with the cars. I can rewire a lamp and replace a toilet. I can replace pipes and do minor electrical repairs (I will fully admit that they scare me, though, since I get shocked with the simplest of things, like opening my car door). He also taught me to laugh at myself when I did something wrong. My Dad-who-found-me (Tom, who is also the one who helped make me) is also a great person and has done his very best to accept me as I am even though it confuses him. My Paganism, name change, political position, etc., are all things that he doesn't understand, but he hasn't turned away from me.

But I am sad for my kids. They have different fathers and were conceived under very different circumstances. I'd hoped that I would find a man who would step up and be the best Dad he could to them. I know that the person I chose tried. But... what can I say? There was emotional abandonment during times when they really needed someone strong. Even so, my kids are pretty awesome (as are his kids, by the way). I honestly believe they will continue to be awesome people throughout their lives.

Saturday evening Brianna & I joined up with the Hogwarts Running Club and went for our first walk. This was the first time I'd walked more than a mile in a very long time. The route we took was through the neighborhoods around us and was mostly level with a few steeper hills thrown in. It wasn't easy, but it was still quite nice. There were several people walking their dogs, on their porches watching fireflies, or just walking along the sidewalk. Once we got into the higher level (near a place called Beaucatcher Overlook Park, which we did not find), there were very few people, but it was still quite nice. I'm looking forward to doing something similar again soon. I don't feel nearly as sore as I'd thought (even though it's a little challenging going up & down the stairs at work today) and I'm glad for that.

I have to get back to work (breaks aren't really long enough to type out all of my thoughts and such), but I do hope you are all having a great day.

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