Tuesday, March 11, 2014


As I wrote before, I've been attending a workshop that focuses on some of the Celtic Goddesses. I had the thought that I'd write about my feelings and such, maybe a little information about each Goddess, and what my thoughts are. Instead I'm finding it a little more personal than I thought it would be. And some of the emotions involved are not easy to express. So... I'll just keep this stuff in my journal. I will share this much - Calleach: Dive in. Brigid: Embrace.

Two weeks ago I put the cats on a diet. It's not been easy going and Serephina is the one who complains the most. Essentially, I researched what they all should weigh (tabby cats weigh more than Siamese, mixes weigh somewhere in the middle, etc.), then weighed them on the postal scale (it goes up to twenty-five pounds). Lyra was the lightest and Serephina was the heaviest. Now, anyone who knows our cats might have thought the opposite, but I was very careful about putting them on the scale. So far the results are a little surprising, too. Aurora lost about eight ounces and the other two only lost four each. As long as they don't lose more than a pound each month, they are doing alright, but it was interesting that Aurora lost twice as much. Anyway, it will be nice to worry less about their health after this ordeal. I'll most likely keep them on the feeding schedule just so I can keep a closer eye on them.

Saturday I did a twelve minute cardio workout (the whole thing is broken into 3 segments). I was pleasantly surprised at how I felt afterward and wanted to keep going. Instead, I made myself get something to eat and more water and I relaxed a bit. I wanted to see how my body would respond to this before I pushed all the way to the edge (failure is success, right?) and caused any issues. Since the only reaction so far are a few sore muscles, I'll be continuing this routine for a little while before moving onto the next section of the workout. My ultimate goal is to be able to walk three miles each day hike, bellydance, and enjoy my life. I don't really care about the finish line or the 5k events or anything else along those lines. I care about feeling happy with who I am.

Brianna and I have been working on her school schedule for next year. We had to sign a form that explained why she's seeking early graduation. There wasn't a line for "she will be 18, will have enough credits, and wants to get on with her life," so she just marked that she will be seeking employment. I'm glad she has a plan for after school and am happy that she seems to listening to my advice (mostly about saving for emergencies and retirement). I'm also glad that she's looking forward to taking pottery with me when the time comes.

I have a lot more to say right now, but also a thousand other things to get finished. I hope you are all having a wonder-filled day.

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