Monday, February 03, 2014

Life is precious...

There is a young woman who has been on my mind for the last few days. I didn't know her, she was part of a crafting community that I am part of. I've never interacted with her, she was only a name on the screen. But not for others. For so many others she was a warm and loving person. For so many others she was an inspiration and someone who would cheer on the team.

So, why is she on my mind? A little over a month ago she went to the hospital for flu symptoms and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Not long after that she was admitted to the ICU. Three days ago she let go of this life. She leaves behind a young husband, a few rescue cats, and many friends on Ravelry. I know that there are so many other lives touched by her, but those are the only ones I know. She was my son's age. She was mostly healthy, she had friends and loved ones around her.

When I read the news I sat at my desk and cried. My heart broke for this young woman who had never crossed my path before a few days ago. My heart also broke for the fact that time is so very precious and short. Time slips away and there is no way to retrieve it. And I am reminded, once again, to live the best that I can. To be true to the person I am. To strive for peace within.

As you go about your day, please remember that You are precious to those around you. Live true to your nature and try to find reasons to smile each day. Feel gratitude in each obstacle you overcome.

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