Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It's been over four weeks since I arrived in Asheville and things have settled in a bit. Brianna & I both caught the typical back-to-school, living-in-a-new-place bug . Brianna is pretty much over it and I've been resting lately to keep the coughing to a minimum and I'm pretty sure it will be gone soon.

There have been a lot of wonderful things that have happened since we got here. Sightings of bears in the back yard, delightful butterflies that frequently visit the flowers along the driveway, gentle rain, running before the world woke up, and so much more.

There are changes that have been happening around the house and it just seemed natural to make them when we moved in. Eating better, cleaning more, journaling quietly, meditating regularly, and many other wonderful things that I knew that I needed to stay on top of, but hadn't for several years.I feel that I've been given a clean slate to be who I want to be.

As the day begins, I look forward to the work I have to do and the Light I can help fill the world with.

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  1. Good morning to you as well! I love to hear the wonderful things lining up.