Saturday, August 03, 2013

New Horizon

Sunlight through the branchesWhat a whirlwind of emotions this summer has been! Between the Tour de Sock craziness, normal teen stuff, business, and so much more, I'm not even sure if I'm coming or going. And, after hearing from so many other friends, it seems that this craziness is widespread. Hopefully things will settle for many of us and we will find our direction.

I do know which direction I'm about to be heading and it thrills me and scares me all at the same time. South, to the mountains that have held my heart for so very long. Toward new opportunities for business. Toward a place of healing and inspiration. Toward my dreams.

There will be bumps in the road. There will be moments when my heart clutches my lungs and won't let me breathe. But I will face them all and get through them because I know that there are people relying on me. There are people who are being as supportive as possible and are loving me through this.

I think about the trailblazers so many years ago with their wagons filled with all the belongings and supplies they could pack, dragging a few extra oxen. Hopeful for the future, afraid of things they hadn't planned for. Knowing that the letters they would write might not make it to their families for several months and that replies might take even longer. They pulled out of the towns they had grown up in, but now felt a need for something different. They left behind loved ones and stability. And they forged a path for so many to follow.

My wagon is a U-Haul truck and I'm only dragging behind me a Jeep, but I'll have all the things I will need for the bright star of my dreams. I am leaving behind a few friends and some folks who have become family. I won't write of the person who causes the biggest hole because that will make it seem too real and permanent. But I'll be leaving the proverbial light on until he can make his way to my side again.

I will step out of this place so that I can feel the sunshine on my face and hear the whispers of the mountains around me.

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