Saturday, August 17, 2013

Moved, not yet settled

What a week! We arrived in Asheville late Sunday night and were welcomed by Kam & April. After unloading the cats and setting up their litter box & water, we pretty much went to sleep. The next morning we got to work on unloading everything. It was a lot faster than I'd first thought it would be which is great. Of course, the unpacking of it all has been taking a while. As of yesterday, the house is mostly put together. As soon as I can get a few more things situated I will get pictures for everyone.

Brianna already set up her room the way she wanted it and seems content with the way it looks. She's also pretty happy that she won't have to wear a uniform for school. I'm pretty happy about that aspect, too, especially with all the cool clothes she came back from Texas with.

The cats are spending a lot of their days exploring and trying to test their boundaries again. Now that I have a window by the kitchen sink they seem to think that counters are their territory and seem so surprised when I yell at them and add drops of rosemary or grapefruit essential oils to the surface. They still run and hide when we come through the front door, but I am sure that will fade over time.

As for me, I'm still in the mode of getting things settled. The shop is ready for business even though I'm still not sure how I'll have everything set up. The kitchen is the easy part and I love having the dyes and other supplies so handy. The finished yarns are in the closet in my room... there is a wonderfully built organizer in there with drawers and such. The printer and mailing supplies are ready for use (and are pretty easily accessible). My concern right now is the winder and swift. I think I know how I'll have everything, but need to finish clearing a few things first (folks came by this morning to pick some of them up and I'm hoping the bike will go soon).

I'm also going to be training with April to become a TLS Coach! I love knowing that I will be helping other people learn how to increase their health and feel better. I think it ties in quite nicely into my other healing paths.

There are so many wonderful things around me down here. The beauty of the mountains, the energy of the place, and so much more. I'm holding onto all the positive things right now. Yes, there is a great sadness for the temporary heartache, but the hope is that it won't last long.

In the meantime, I have normal things to do like eat breakfast and buy cat litter. I do hope to get more pictures soon!

May you all have a blessed day.

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