Sunday, June 09, 2013

Quiet and Peace

CloudsThere are moments in my life when I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am blessed. These past several days were filled with those moments. Tonight I sit here - chai gently steaming in my mug, music softly playing, and the cats all dozing in various positions scattered around my room - and I am filled with a sense of contentment.

I was able to avoid most of the noise of the Ohio Bike Week events (thank you so much!) and was able to spend some peaceful evenings knitting quietly, sleeping soundly, and generally relaxing. I finished a pair of sock in record time (for me). I watched rabbits nibbling grass and playing some crazy game of bunny-tag and even got to see a young quail wandering around the yard. I listened to birds singing out their morning tunes when the sky was barely showing a hint of light. I luxuriated in the feel of sunshine on my skin while drinking my coffee and knitting. I fell asleep with the echoes of laughter in my dreams and the tendrils of serenity in my heart.

There were days filled with color-splashing and music while I prepared for a shop update. Frenetic knitting and sharing progress pictures with the fantastic group I am part of (Tour-de-Sock) filled my downtime while working. Conversations with my kids and scritches for the cats filled in every other "free" moment.

Through all of this time there were also moments of sorrow for the passing of the time (those good moments really do pass too swiftly), contemplation for the direction I want to face (positive steps toward the future), and moments filled with Light and Spirit.

To the ones who contributed to those moments: Thank you, with all of my heart.

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