Friday, December 21, 2012

Spinning of time

Day twelveTime spins in such a strange fashion lately. Days go by with barely a thought while moments stand out sharply, filling my mind with detail. For example, I can recall the texture, taste, aroma, and emotions that I experienced when I baked a cheesecake in my new springform pan (a gift last weekend), and yet, the knowledge that it was last weekend feels strange.

I have no profound words on this blustery morning. No pearls of wisdom. Only the thought that time is spiraling faster and faster and yet seems to be going nowhere at all. I wonder if this feeling has been experienced by humans since the beginning of our existence. I wonder if these thoughts are only a recycling of the contemplations of our ancestors.

It is certainly possible.

On this day, commonly celebrated by some to be the shortest day, I will be thinking about the people in my life (past and present) and will hold them in my heart for the greatest good.  May they all be blessed.


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