Monday, November 12, 2012

Quiet space

FireThere are times when an outside influence causes me to pull away from the world. Yes, I know all the sayings about not letting others influence the way you feel and I know that you should push the negative feelings away. But there are times when I don't seem to have that ability. Right now feels like one of those times.

Time. Time to work. Time to watch the kids grow up. Time to mourn the lack of time spent with loved ones. Time to worry about where I will be a year from now. Time to worry about physical issues.

When is it too late to do something? That was part of a discussion this weekend and I didn't have a clear answer when it was asked. I don't really have one now either, but I have feelings about it. I've been waiting for certain things to happen and it's starting to reach a point where I'm going to have to just come to terms that they won't happen. It's getting to that point of being too late.

True, there are other things to fill those empty spaces, and I am trying to focus on those. Still, it doesn't lessen the pain of the empty space.

I don't have any passion for writing today, so I'm going to leave this for now. Is this post "on Fire"? No, more like the last wisps of smoke trailing to the sky.

But I am a Phoenix and I will rise again as soon as these embers are burned out.

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