Friday, November 16, 2012

Pushing through...

This hasn't been the best of months for me, but neither is it the worst. Things have just felt out of sync for a while. I've been spending a lot of time in thought and in journaling. Both seemed to have been helping.

I've also been doing what I can to stay focused. Some of that involves my candles. You see, when I light them, there is an intention. Sometimes it's for another person's healing. Sometimes it's for a positive outcome. And sometimes it's just for me.

These candle holders are very special to me. The stone on the left was found at Tonto Creek, Arizona many years ago. The one on the right was found at Blue Rock, Ohio on a camping trip with my kids. The half-log was from a tree that I had a (very) small part in bringing down and will forever remind me of climbing a very steep hill with Brianna. If it wasn't for Kevin's help I would probably still be trying to figure out how to drill through stone. And I'd still be trying to get the holes into the wood.

It's not always easy accepting help from others, especially from one who respects my strengths. But I've learned that the help isn't taking anything away from Me. And I've learned that it doesn't diminish the level of respect. It's even been pointed out to me that it only enhances the wonder of Life. And, on a very personal level, it makes these items feel a little more like a gift than they already were.

This morning, as I've done several mornings, I stepped outside to enjoy the hush of the dawn. This time I was rewarded with some beautiful and fragile frost. I say fragile because even as I came near, the warmth from my breath began melting it away. And it reminded me that time really is precious. Sometimes I forget that. I wish for a "fast-forward" through a tough situation, or long days without a smile, or long months of a financial struggle. I forget that even these dark days are what our memories are made of. And I try a little harder to remember that I am truly grateful for each day I am alive.

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