Monday, October 08, 2012

We are better, right?

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Yes, I get upset when people don't check facts before they start trashing "the other side". I know everyone is up in arms about the whole PBS/cut funding comments, but many are arguing with the wrong information.

I see arguments that Sesame Workshop is making enough money to be counted as a "one-percenter" (actually the comment was Big Bird), but those people didn't stop to think that PBS and SW (formerly CTW) are not the same entity. I also see arguments that the shows will all be canceled and PBS will be shut down, but that's not necessarily the case, either.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (created in 1967) provides about 15-20% of the funding for many public broadcasting organizations (such as PBS and NPR). Where does the rest come from? Private membership donations AND individual people. Yes, those annoying telethons and pledge drives are ways for the average person to donate to PBS. That's me. And many of you.

Ideas? I have a few... for people who can organize a car wash (although the weather is starting to get a little cold for that), wash cars and raise money for PBS. You run a restaurant? Donate all the proceeds from a day's worth of sales to PBS. You work outside of the home? Donate 10% of your paycheck to PBS. Donate here.

Will it be easy? Of course not, but I would like to believe that we are a better nation and will work toward building a better country.

Will I be putting my money where my mouth is? Yes, I certainly will. For all the sales I make during the month of October, through my shop (Alina Shea Creations), I will donate 5% of my profits to PBS.

And, no, I don't watch PBS anymore. I got rid of my television quite a while ago and haven't missed it since.


  1. I like what you're doing. And I like what you're saying. But many of the people (such as myself) who are up in arms about this are people who already donate their meager earnings to PBS. We watch PBS because it is quality programming that we don't have to pay an arm and a leg for. Which is why we don't have cable. We just can't afford it. So to me, it feels like you're saying- if you want free educational shows, then pay for them.

    1. You're right, a lot of people who enjoy the various programs on PBS already do donate, but for each person willing and able to donate a little bit, there are a handful who just won't do it. Those are the ones who seem to be shouting the loudest.

      I like the fact that the money we donate goes directly to PBS instead of being filtered through the government first. After all, some of those taxes they get from us are used for other programs that I just can't agree with (like lobbying against some marriages, or regulating what choices women have regarding their medical decisions.)

  2. Here's the thing about PBS: they really don't cost the government that much! Read this:

    PBS funding is 0.012% of the US budget!

    1. I do know that it's a "tiny" amount compared to many other programs... all the more reason I think we should be able to choose where our money goes instead of letting others make that choice for us.