Friday, October 12, 2012

A lesson...

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. "
~ Bertrand Russell

On Monday I posted about some people not gathering all the facts about an issue before they started fighting about it. I truly thought that my post would be read, thought about, and maybe, just maybe, discussed in a mature fashion. Only on a very tiny scale did that happen. And the rest?

My inbox was filled with comments from liberals and conservatives telling me how wrong I was, how stupid I was, how close-minded I was. There were messages of hate, messages of accusations, and messages telling me to hang myself (from an anonymous commenter). I even had a few of my customers let me know that they could no longer purchase from one who was "with the other side".


I can honestly say that all of it stunned me. I like to think that people are capable of disagreeing with someone without turning to hatred. Perhaps I am putting too much faith in the world in general. What seems funny to me is that I wasn't attacking any political party, only the fact that people were arguing with the wrong information.

I've lost customers, I've lost a few people from my friend list on Facebook and Ravelry, I probably even lost a few people who had "favorited" my shop on Etsy.

Am I still hurting over this? Yes, actually, I am. I can take comfort in the fact that the people I've welcomed into my home have not turned away. I can take comfort that the people I call my "Fiberly" are still my friends. And most important of all, I can take comfort in knowing that I spoke up with intelligence and facts, and that the ones spouting hatred really don't matter.


  1. aw honey, I'm sorry. I'm feeling the same way lately. I love you. It sucks we can't say what we feel without people getting mad. Saying doesn't mean someone else is wrong, it means things could be open for discussion but NOOO. Discussion is dangerous. It's so frustrating. ♥ and you're right. Hate doesn't matter. Let it go.

  2. I'm so sorry you lost business and "friends" over that! *hugs* I thought it was well said and very neutral. You encouraged people to not just whine but to do something to fix it, and it was obviously cowards who disagreed. You are a fabulous person, and even if I didn't agree with you on something (which I usually agree with you anyway, so it doesn't matter! lol) that wouldn't change. I've been talking to the kids about this because the neighbor girl at the new house has been telling me/them to vote for the opposite candidate that I support. I tried to explain to them that even though she feels a different way, doesn't make her a bad person. She's a very nice person with a different point of view. My best friends from high school and I are currently polar opposites on religion/politics/health care, etc. I still love them and they still love me for the people we are. If only more people could be like that, we wouldn't have the problems we do. *hugs* You are loved!!