Wednesday, August 01, 2012


I expressed a bit of frustration a few days ago to a loved one about the placement of Pagan holidays on calenders and, especially, almanacs. I realize that it's just easier to have the holidays on set days each year, but if someone is following "tradition" shouldn't the holidays be moved accordingly? For example, the calendars show that today is Lughnasadh (aka Lammas, or First Harvest), yet the sun isn't 15 degrees Leo until next Tuesday.

And that brings me to another question for myself: does it matter? Will the world fall apart if I follow a stricter method of figuring the Sabbats? Will I fall apart if I follow the printing on the calendar? The simple answer is no, of course not.

And so, I will smile when I see the pretty pictures and well wishes posted in the social sites and I may even repost a couple of them. Then, when it's the right day for me, I will celebrate with fresh breads and grains and early fruits.

Blessings, World. May your days be filled with sweetness.

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