Thursday, August 16, 2012

A moment...

There are moments when a line from a movie or a song will come to mind and will make me think about where I once was and where I thought I'd be and where I am. When that mood hits me I wonder why. Why now? When I have a lot of good things going on and more good things on the horizon, why is this mood trying to invade?

Perhaps it is normal  for someone my age to look at the road they've been on and wonder why they're not further along. Maybe it's a typical passage for us to go through. It may be a standard occurrence to question our accomplishments.

How many times do we evaluate and reevaluate the life we want? How many times do we question our decisions and try to regain some of what we felt was lost? How many times do we recreate our path?

Don't get me wrong; I am grateful for many of the blessings I have. Not counting loved ones (because their presence goes without saying), I have a growing business, I have good health, I have people all over this planet who I would love to visit, I have a home and pets and friends. I have the gift of creativity and a talent for working out solutions to odd problems. I have so many blessings.

But there are moments when I remember other things that I once took for granted.
And I was audacious... I was. And then...
I grew tired of struggling against... everything. I stopped doing some of the things I enjoyed. I forgot that my Spirit was bright and beautiful. And I just survived each day.

There was no burst of inspiration. No moment of clarity. Just little things here and there. Someone reaching out to me and taking my hand. Someone telling me that they believed in me. Someone opening their home to me. Many someones joining together in friendship. These are the things that have helped me through the rough times. These are the things that help me to remember where I'm heading.

May you all be blessed with such moments.

(The line is from the movie "Hope Floats".)

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