Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trying to focus...

My Blue WorldI will admit that there are days I'd much rather stay in bed. I know that's not a positive mental attitude, but there it is. A lot of this summer's mornings have been like that because of the daycare. When kids arrive at 4:45, it's hard to start the day early enough for some time to myself. Yes, they go right to sleep, but there is a part of me always listening for them to wake & need me. This takes its toll on meditation and other things. I've begun meditating before going to bed instead. For the mornings, I study and watch the class videos for the crystal course. I also do my chains in the mornings, but the treadmill... well, I'm still working on that one. By the time they leave for the day (as late as 6:45pm) I've already used up most of my energy. Somehow I need to get this figured out.

In other news, Anthony is home on leave. Well, he's in town. He did spend the first weekend with us and I've seen him a couple times since that. This is typical and I pretty much expected nothing different. I can't help but wonder how his visits would be if we didn't live in this town anymore.

There are other things going on in my life and in my mind that really don't have a place here. I feel things are in a weird state of flux and I can't see the road clearly. I am doing my best to stay focused on the important aspects and let go of the other stuff. For now, I can hear the crickets chirping and the birds are beginning to sing. I will remember that every day is a beautiful day.

(The picture is from SirWiseOwl. Check out his other pictures, too.)

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