Wednesday, June 06, 2012

In a Lifetime...

So, a momentous event occurred last night and I got to watch it through the wonders of the internet. Oddly enough, very few of my circle of friends seemed that interested.

I think back on the astronomical events that I've witnessed (and remember) and it's a humbling thought. Halley's Comet when I was about 15, the discovery of a comet by Gene Shoemaker & his wife, Carolyn (I think in 1993, Anthony was pretty young), another comet discovery in early 1996 by a man in Japan (I can only remember that his first name was Yuji), eclipses, conjunctions, and so much more that I can't remember dates about. It is interesting to think about just how tiny humans really are.

In more earthly news, I've had my very first Reiki session. It was interesting to go through and wasn't at all what I'd thought it might be. I didn't really have any expectations so, when some emotions rose to the surface, I was a bit surprised. Still, I think it was good to get some of those memories out in the open.

What's on the agenda now? Well, there are several things I want to learn about. Now would be a good time for it all. There are some courses I can take online that focus on the things I'm interested in. I wouldn't get a degree or anything like that, but I'd take them just for the sake of learning. Like what? Well, astronomy, for starters. Also some philosophy, some religion, even physics. What good would the course do for me? Only give me more knowledge. Nothing more. Well, and the ability to answer more questions in trivia games.

The house is so quiet again this morning. Brianna has spent the last couple of nights with a friend. I'm trying to tell myself that I'll get used to the silence and the stillness of the house, but there are moments when I truly dread the day she moves out. For purely selfish reasons, but the feeling is there.

Time to turn on the coffee pot and get the day started. Dyeing, knitting, listening to a book... maybe signing up for a course or two.


  1. I love your connection to the heavens, it's not one I share but I sure do admire it!
    And the emptiness that our daughters growing up and leaving us with will be traumatic to say the least. Sadie is going to my parents & sister's in Idaho for 6 weeks this summer and I hate the idea of how quiet our house will be. It certainly makes me appreciate the noise while it's around!

  2. It didn't feel so bad with Anthony moving out, but Brianna's the youngest. It's hard to see the joy in the freedom I'll have right now. I'm sure, when it happens, I'll be okay with it all. Today? Bleh.