Sunday, May 20, 2012


IrisWhat a glorious ability! To put one's thoughts and dreams and fears into a form that can be revisited again and again. Sometimes the revisiting hurts when you reread words that you'd penned years ago. And sometimes it makes you smile.

I've been doing a lot of writing over the last couple of days. And reading. And discovering more about myself. And deciding what should be laid to rest and what should be rekindled.

Life is a wondrous thing and there are so many ways of looking at beauty and feeling good about things. All we need to do is to be open to them. We need to listen when the Universe is telling us that something won't work and that it's time to look for a different way.

When we were kids we were taught a song... well, lots of songs, but this one was special. For me it was "Goin' on a Squeegie Hunt", for many of you it might have been something different. In the song we are met with dozens of obstacles. Boulders, rivers, fields of wheat, just about everything a child's mind could think of that we'd have to trek past to find the squeegie (and, no, I still don't know what that is). With each obstacle it was up to the singer to figure out ways to pass. Around the boulder, swim the river, through the field. And, of course, we made the appropriate sounds and motions as we sang. It was fun. At the end, we found the scary squeegie and had to race back past all the things we'd encountered in reverse order.

Now, I look at all the things we must get past and I realize that we don't stop to think about the best way, we just barge through. I think it's time to stop and really think about how to get through things. How can a person get past the financial issues they may be facing? The relationship hurts? The loneliness of children growing up? The emptiness when loved ones are gone?

We are not machines, built to trudge ahead with no regard to our hearts. We are humans, created to love, laugh, cry, dream, believe, weep, dance, sorrow, celebrate, and so much more.

We need to find the ways to be human in these things.

I hope you can find those ways.

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