Thursday, March 29, 2012

I wonder...

Big brakes

I wonder about the future of this country so many times lately. Everywhere I turn there is anger and people shouting to be heard. There are causes that break my heart and other that make me cringe. There are people claiming to be tolerant, while sneering at other people's different views. When will it end? What kind of place will we be handing over to our children? To our grandchildren? Will they do a better job of saving the last vestiges of sanity?

I've done my best to stay out of the political arguments since I know that naught will come of it but anger and more shouting. Even in the people I think of as intelligent, there is still that need to be heard and, so, more shouting. I think the internet makes us feel that we can say what we like and we forget that there are people on the other end. Real people, with homes and lives and loved ones. The vitriol is a little frightening at times. It breeds more hate.

I will say this: It's just as wrong to tell someone that they lack intelligence because they believe in a Higher Power as it is to tell someone that they can't make decisions about their reproductive organs because they are female.

Please, when you go about your day, and you read all the articles and the comments, stop and think about how you will really affect your friends when you post your own comments. This is our world. I, for one, would rather it was filled with intelligent debate than mindless bickering.

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