Thursday, March 29, 2012

I wonder...

Big brakes

I wonder about the future of this country so many times lately. Everywhere I turn there is anger and people shouting to be heard. There are causes that break my heart and other that make me cringe. There are people claiming to be tolerant, while sneering at other people's different views. When will it end? What kind of place will we be handing over to our children? To our grandchildren? Will they do a better job of saving the last vestiges of sanity?

I've done my best to stay out of the political arguments since I know that naught will come of it but anger and more shouting. Even in the people I think of as intelligent, there is still that need to be heard and, so, more shouting. I think the internet makes us feel that we can say what we like and we forget that there are people on the other end. Real people, with homes and lives and loved ones. The vitriol is a little frightening at times. It breeds more hate.

I will say this: It's just as wrong to tell someone that they lack intelligence because they believe in a Higher Power as it is to tell someone that they can't make decisions about their reproductive organs because they are female.

Please, when you go about your day, and you read all the articles and the comments, stop and think about how you will really affect your friends when you post your own comments. This is our world. I, for one, would rather it was filled with intelligent debate than mindless bickering.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy words


Spring certainly seems to be here! I've been able to go for a walk, spend time in the back yard and even put the screens on the windows. I know, I know, we might still get a cold day, but I doubt it will be so cold that I'll regret the screens. I love being able to open the windows and let a fresher breeze come through. It feels like it's blowing away all the stale winter air.

Brianna got her first pair of track shoes today. She seems pretty happy about it and smiled when we got them. I am proud of her. She's worked through the conditioning and the training and really seems to be proud of herself, too. And, she called herself a runner today. That brought a huge smile to my face.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


The house has been filled with a certain energy for the last couple weeks. Excitement for a visit, the happiness of arrival, the warmth of family time. And now the house is filled with a different energy. An emptiness that makes me want to whisper instead of talk normally. And  makes me want to lay down and go back to sleep. But there is a feeling of gratitude as well. The time was well spent for the most part. He's got a good head on his shoulders and a strong heart. I miss him already, but I'm so happy for the fact that he's on his own journey.

So, now what? I think it's time to turn on the music and get on the bike. Knitting is a requirement, of course.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Family time

Thistle in the Sunshine

This past weekend has been one filled with love and laughter and I know that I will cherish the memories of it for the rest of my days. From the outside this might have all been seen as "boring" or something along those lines, but anyone who knows me, knows that the time I spend with my children and with Kevin are more special than mere words can describe.

Thursday was mostly spent just hanging out with Anthony at the mall. It was nice having that time alone with him, learning the changes in him, learning to see him as an adult. That's not always an easy thing to do, of course, but I think I'm getting better.

Friday was a wonderful family dinner with all of us. When was the last time the four of us were together? I don't know... a long time ago. We laughed at some old memories (like being slapped with butter), shared some new smiles (Father Guido), and enjoyed a new game of Munchkin. Falling asleep that night felt so peaceful and I knew that part of that was having my loved ones all together.

Saturday started with a smile and just got better as the day progressed. When I woke enough to stay awake, the kids and I got some time together. How interesting it is to see the changes in each of them over the last year! As the time continues to pass, I know things will keep changing and growing and I hope to always have the strength to see those changes as positive. Later in the day Brianna went to a friend's house while the rest of us went to dinner. I think that was one of the first times I really stopped to think about how the future will be when both of my kids are adults. It made me smile, and wistful. I don't know what that future will hold, but I am a bit comforted knowing that I won't be traveling alone.

Through this time, thoughts have been swirling around my head of the future, of the past, of the present. Of tears, of joy, of love. Of triumphs, of fears, of life. And through it all my heart is filled with the knowledge that it is all good.