Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ups and downs

Early Morning Sun Rays

What a crazy bit of stuff! The last couple weeks have certainly been all over the place in terms of emotions. It's all part of the wonder of Life, I know, and I'm grateful. Even for the lows.

I am happy that the kind of people entering my life are so very different than they used to be! The people now are so full of light and beauty and strength and I truly believe my life is enriched by knowing them. It is much easier letting go of the ones who cause me pain and grief.

My goals for biking have changed slightly. Part of that is pushing through some fears I have about being thinner. One of those fears is pretty silly when it's brought out to light, and Kevin has helped with that one a bit. The other... it resides in a darker part of me that I truly thought was buried. I am stronger now. I am more aware now. I won't let this fear keep me from having a body I want.

I am sitting here today looking at the snow drifts in the yard and watching a few flakes drift down and I feel more at peace than I have in a couple weeks. I am happy for the snow, covering all the emptiness.

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