Friday, December 23, 2011

The day before the day...

Morning Mood

It's almost here. The day when we can really look at the clock and know that the day has begun to get longer. These few short days (since the 20th) have been overcast and dreary, and yet, after reading an interesting Daily Om, I reevaluated my outlook. Rainy days shouldn't be dreaded and depressing. Instead I should be focusing on how I can use the day as a time of reflection. Will this be easy? No, of course not. Few things really are.

On the 25th the days will begin to slowly grow. Oh, so slowly. But the knowledge that they are lengthening will give many people a renewed sense of hope and of peace. There are moments when I wish everyone could feel that on a daily basis. To be able to look at the dark times as a time to rest and gather their strength. Even when I forget it for myself, I still wish it for others.

I have an interesting variety of birds in my yard lately. From large crows to tiny finches, they all spend a little time here chattering at each other, plucking the last of the belladonna berries, and just watching over it all. I love watching their movements, each different from the others. There are times when all I want to do is to fly up there with them. To feel the small branches bend beneath my feet as the wind washes over me. Oh, to fly along the breezes as the world slips past me below! What a glorious thought!

Does this contradict with my fear of flying? Some people might think so. Still, I think it would be very different knowing that I am the one in control of my flight and not a bulky machine built by the lowest bidder.

I have a lot to finish this morning and so I must get going. I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

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