Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 9 of 15 - Thankfulness

108: Happy Yule!

Today's prompt is "3 upcoming events that you looking forward to and are thankful for."

This one is actually pretty easy.

Thanksgiving: I get this twice each year, due to family obligations & such. Thursday with my daughter and possibly Kevin. Sunday with everyone (Brianna, Kevin & his kids). I really do enjoy spending the time with them and laughing together.

Yule: This year will be a little challenging since Anthony won't be here, but Brianna and I are going to be making it a wonderful day anyway. I'm thankful for the blessings of the time with my kids, even when they're far away.

My next tattoo: This is actually happening in June and I'm really getting excited about it. I'll be traveling to Asheville and will be staying with friends while I have it done. This tattoo has been in my thoughts for quite some time and I think June would be the best time for it to be done.I'm so glad that I've been able to continue growing and becoming the woman I want to be. This tattoo is a symbol of that growth, those changes, the vitality.

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