Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 2 of 15 - Thankfulness

Today's prompt is "3 veterans you know that you are thankful for."

Hmm, to narrow this down to only three.

R.L. Crosier. My Grandpa served 3 years in the Navy during World War II. I remember him as a giant of a man who rose above all of us. He loved joking and playing pranks on us, and was one of the smartest men I knew. Even with his somewhat gruff voice and rough-housing ways, I knew that he loved us. More than that, I knew that he loved my Grandma more than his own life. He also brought a lot of magic to our lives in subtle ways. I know both of his daughters (my mom and aunt) looked up to him and did their best to make him proud, even after becoming adults. 

He liked us to figure out the answers to his questions on our own. I am thankful for all his patience.

Robert R. McDowell. This is the dad that raised me. He served in the Air Force in Korea, but I don't know how many years. I know that, even with his age (38 years older than me), he did his best to raise children young enough to be his grandchildren. 

He like to do things to make us think. I think that is one of the most important lessons I ever learned from him and I'm so thankful for that. It has helped me in so many ways through my life and I hope I've done a good job in passing that on to my own children.

Thomas W. Grubb. This is the dad that gave me life. He served 2 tours in Vietnam (not consecutively.) Through the years we were separated, he did his best to make sure that, when he found us again, we would know that he loved us and thought of us the whole time. After he and my mom went their own ways he didn't have any more children. His reason? He didn't want us to think that he'd replaced us. As we build a relationship after so many years of not knowing each other, I am thankful for his patience and his love.

I have learned a lot about love and forgiveness from him. And I think that is a wondrous thing.

There are so many more veterans I am thankful for, and I hope they all know that they are among the ones I honor today with my prayers, my gratitude, and my love.

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