Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 12 of 15 - Thankfulness

Winding into the Rain Forest

Today's prompt is "3 things found in Nature that you are thankful for."

If I just put Nature, Nature, and Nature, will that count? No? Okay.

Green: Just the green of the moss, of the leaves, of the grass. Green softly whispering in early spring. Boldly shouting in Summer's heat. Slowly diminishing in Autumn's Chill. Green is one of the loveliest colors of Nature.

Rain: The way it falls softly or pours down. The life it brings and the destruction it can render. The way it smells on the wind in the summer out in the desert. The sound it makes as it hits maple leaves. The cool kiss of moisture on my bare skin. The damp grass after the clouds have gone. Rain makes me feel like tomorrow will be alright.

Sunshine: Nothing can brighten my mood faster than standing in the sunshine. No matter the season, the sun always brings a deep feeling of peace to me and it's better than any drug in the world. Really.

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