Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today. I sit here now and feel a little tired. In a good way. Today was filled with emotion. Filled to the brim with love from women all over. Filled with the joy of knowing how I am loved.

I got my wheel today. I'm amazed at all the detail and beauty and the love of it all. And I cried. There is a part of me now, a part that is shiny and amazing. I shared that part with the ones who were involved, but I won't share it here.

What I want to share here is this: Love really is the greatest gift. Sometimes it takes on different forms and some of those are unrecognizable to others. Patience while a daughter comes to terms with having a Dad. Asking about a large waffle iron from a restaurant supplier because it was mentioned in a conversation long ago. A hug wrapped in fiber and a pretty card that could be read again and again. A skein of yarn to create something beautiful with. A hug from a teenager simply because you look like you need one. An email from an adult child just asking how your day was.  A wind-chime that used to welcome everyone into the house. A tissue passed to you in church because you can not stop the tears from falling. A vivid sunset in the fall to remind you to take a moment for yourself.

All of these have been given to me out of Love. Each are moments that I treasure and hold dear. And I am so blessed.

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