Friday, August 19, 2011

What we do in life...

I've been thinking a lot lately. The way I am isn't always how I want to be and I think that is probably the same for many people. I think about the words I see on the USMC billboards. Honor. Courage. Commitment. True, they are meant to inspire the young people to strive to be more than themselves, but we all can strive for the same.

Honor. Are the things I do really honorable? Can I look back on my life and know that I didn't take a situation and use it for my own pleasure? Can I be certain I did the best I could to be fair to others? Can I look forward and know, without a doubt, that I am honest and have no illicit dealings that hurt my Spirit? Can I look, with clarity, at myself and be proud of the person I am?

Courage. Do I step up to a situation even when it scares the jeebies out of me? Do I help others find their own inner strength?  Do I act in accordance to my beliefs, even in the face of adversity? Do I show fortitude in life?

Commitment. Have I given my all to a situation? Do the people who rely on me know that I will be there for them? Have I stayed the course, even when my responsibilities seem too heavy to bear? Do my loved ones know, by my past actions, that they can count on me to be there for them in times of trouble?

Sadly, there are some questions I have to answer with a, "No." And those are the areas I need to work on. Perhaps some people would say that the "yes" side would outweigh the "no" side, and they might be right. But that doesn't mean the room for improvement is diminutive. On the contrary! The way I would see it is that the "no" side is much heavier in the balance of my Spirit, and even more work is needed to lighten it.

Does all of this mean that I'm in a melancholy mood today? Not in the least. I have the power and energy to continue recreating my life. Each moment, each breath, each blink of my eyes. And with every genesis, the person I wish to be is becoming more and more assured.

...echoes in Eternity.


  1. I like this post. I really like the Gladiator reference.

    1. Thank you. Sometimes the line of a film really has an impact.