Monday, August 08, 2011


Fading with Time

"But time, keeps flowing like a river, to the sea, to the sea,
Till its gone forever, gone forever, gone forever...
" Eric Woolfson

I've been a little melancholy for the past bit of time. I won't go into detail about it all, but part of it is simply the passage of time and some of the possibilities of the future. I say possibilities because no one really knows what will happen tomorrow, or even today. We're told to live our life to the fullest and to seize the day and even to have no regrets. But, sometimes, I truly wonder just how that can happen. The yesterdays add up and, once in a while, you can look at the mistakes that you made and be glad for the lessons learned, but regret the hurt anyway.

That's when the questions begin. How could I have been a better parent? How could I have been a better spouse? Lover? Friend? Daughter? Granddaughter? Person? Yes, we can make changes at any given moment, but we also must still remember the past so we don't mess things up again.

Even with this "melancholy-ness", I look forward to my tomorrows. Time is passing and I've been looking at some things that it's time to let go of. Not because I want to, but because there aren't other options. And, at the same time, there are new things on the horizon that, I'm hoping, will bring more growth and Life to my life.

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