Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Adapt... or die

When you look at nature you can see that everything changes and adapts to the environment. Coyotes have learned to scrounge in populated areas, wolves have learned to hunt livestock instead of wildlife, hawks have learned to build nests on ledges of buildings and even mountain lions have been known to hunt in town.

So, as humans, shouldn't we do the same? Yes, we have learned to make our environment change to suit us (which I also believe makes us a weaker species, but that's a post for another day), but we also adapt to the environment we live in. We change to fit the circumstances we are given, to the best of our ability. A person is given a choice: change your eating habits, or diabetes will kill you; learn to use a wheelchair or stay in bed all day; accept the way a loved one is or live without them in your life. And so, people change. Or, they die. Whether physically, spiritually, or emotionally, they die. And they bring down the people around them. When the person changes their food choices, they live longer and their family is happy to have them around. When the person starts moving around town in the wheelchair they are given a different kind of freedom and their friends are happy to see them out & about. When a person opens up enough to accept a loved one's choices (whether career, family size, life partners, religion, politics, etc.) they get the chance to watch their loved one grow and learn.

And even with all that, there are environments we need to stand firm and refuse to adapt to. An abusive relationship, a job that has a dead end, a town that saps your energy. For these things, we need to find our own strength and stand tall, knowing that our refusal to adapt will bring us greater growth of spirit. Even when it takes a long time to get out of that situation. And, it is only up to us to know which environments we should change to suit us, and which ones to adapt to.

I hope you're all having a wonderful night and wake feeling refreshed & alive.

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