Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The end of an Age...

Last night was the showing of the extended version of The Return of the King in our local theater. I am both glad and sad that they are now over. Glad because I like to go to sleep earlier during the workweek. Sad because it was something special to do with someone I enjoy spending time with.  All in all, it was a good time for me.

Now I am looking forward to other events throughout the summer. There are camp-outs & cookouts, Anthony might be able to come out for a week (not when we'd originally hoped, but still...), Art Walks, other movies, possible dinners & special evenings, and even some quiet time for me to reflect on what I really want in my life.

Yes, yes, I know most people have that all figured out by the time they're nearly forty, and, for the most part, I do, too. But, some of the things I want... well, I'm not sure how they can become a reality, yet. And so, I need some time to get that figured out.

In the meantime, there are other bits of news. I found an awesome desk as the Goodwill for $5. It looks like an office desk (I was told it may have been an accountant's desk) and has more drawers than my current desk (which is more like a vanity without the mirror). My plan is to sand it down, then either seal it or paint it in bright colors. Really bright colors. Something that will keep the moodiness away throughout the year. What colors? I'm not sure, yet. Turquoise and lime? White & chartreuse? I'll figure it out later. I don't have a sander, but I can borrow one whenever I'm ready for it. First, I'll be using these pumice bars (called Miracle Eraser) for the edges & such, then I'll do the flat surfaces. I'll even take pictures so folks can see the progress.

I also have a cleaning idea. I'm not sure if I've shared this on the blog or not, but my idea is to clear out the spare room in this house completely. Then, starting with the living room, put everything I truly want to keep into the spare room. Anything left would go into the Jeep for a trip to Goodwill. Once the living room is done, I'll move on to the next room. I think each room would take a full day and I can probably do it on the days the daycare kids aren't here. I wouldn't move things like beds into the spare room, but it would be a good opportunity to move the furniture around if I wanted. I wonder how empty my house would be when I'm done. I also wonder whose feelings I'd be hurting by getting rid of some of the knick-knacks around here. I guess I'd just have to hope that people understand. I'd even be going through my yarn. I wouldn't take it to Goodwill, but I know several people who would be willing to trade with me... or even send it out as gifts to people. We'll see.

My tomato plants are doing well and I now have my first flower of the year.

First tomato flower 2011

There is a wire fence around the plants (which are in a galvanized steel tub) to keep the groundhogs out. I'm hoping to use the fencing as supports for the plants as they get bigger, too.

Another nice surprise in my yard was a lily. I don't remember buying them... or even planting them, but here it is.


I have other areas in the yard that really need a lot of work (the pokeberries are trying to take over) and I should get out there and deal with them, but for now I'm very happy with the beautiful small things.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Stay safe during the festivities (in the US).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

You know, I should be bursting with energy and, instead, I'm feeling more introspective. Ah, well, that's the way it happens sometimes. What am I thinking about? Mostly how to get from my present situation to my future vision. I can see where I want to be, but not the steps to get there. I think what I must do is continue believing in myself with all the strength I can.

I hope you all do the same. Believe in yourself as much as you can. Hold on tight to that belief. Nurture it, encourage it to shine, allow it to grow.