Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sunshine and reminiscing

For more than a day we have had sunshine. Yesterday the windows were open, letting in all the fresh breezes and helping to push out the stale winter air. My mood was lighter, my energy levels were higher and I really felt happy.

Yesterday my new phone arrived. Yes, Brianna now has my old one and will be working for me to cover the cost of it. We worked out hours and what jobs I expect her to help with and she understands that some of those jobs will change with time (mowing the lawn in winter just isn't really the thing to do). I'll admit that I'm a little nervous about going over on the minutes & such, especially since few of her friends are on Verizon, but I've shown her how to check the usage and I am hoping that will keep everything under our limits.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At this time of the year I have a couple anniversaries that cause me to reflect on my life and how it's shaping up. Twenty-two years ago (on May 1) I left home and began my adult life. Eleven years ago (April 5) I signed a lease on my own apartment. Eleven years ago (June17) I was in a car accident that shifted my way of thinking. So many things happened during those months that changed my life in innumerable ways and when I try to focus on only one, it becomes very clear how no individual event brought me to this point. All the actions and circumstances worked together to help me grow. To help me become a better person.

And now, I am here thinking about all the wonderful people in my life. Twelve years ago I felt truly alone in this world. Today I know that there are people out there, some of whom I've never met face to face, who love me and wish me well. There are people who want to make me smile. Some who smile when they see me. There are a couple who spent years looking for me and were accepting of my lifestyle when they found me. Some who push me to grow more, and remind me when it's time to stop a moment and breathe in life. There are people I trust with my children's lives. And with my own life.

Even though my business is growing to the point of supporting Brianna & me, my greatest wealth is in the friends and loved ones I now have.

My cup runneth over.

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  1. What a lovely, positive outlook you have. I knew I liked you. :-)