Saturday, May 21, 2011


I had a thought yesterday while talking with a close friend and it's taken a full night's sleep to get it straightened out enough to write it down.

The earth was already "destroyed" by something from the Air (meteor causing mass extinction) and by Water (stories of floods in many religions & cultures). According to the Bible, Fire is next in line. With each destruction, life was not wiped out completely and, after a bit of time, it flourished again. (Could the destruction from Earth be the forming of the continents? The breaking apart of  Pangaea?) If this is the case, I do wonder what form Fire will take. Nuclear explosions? Anti-matter? Volcanoes? Regardless, it could be frightening to think about, if you're a fearful person.

The remaining element is Spirit. You cannot destroy with Spirit, since it is the connection with Divinity. With that in mind, the last form of "destruction" could actually be a way for humans to evolve into such a state that we realize, finally, that we have no need for the physical aspects of our lives. We could reach a point where we transcend the limitations we currently live with. What need for a body when we truly realize that we are one with God/Allah/Yahweh/Universe/etc.? What need for the physical trappings we have in our homes when we know that we are complete in our Spirit?

As humans, we feel a need to explain everything. It's one of the great things about us. It's also part of our own discontent. So, we keep digging deeper trying to find the answers, all the while falling further and further into the labyrinth of eternity. Perhaps the answer is just simply to live each day to your fullest capacity, loving your friends & family with all your heart, tasting the sunshine when it shines, smiling at the rain when it falls, feeling the joy in the flowers when they bloom, and knowing that You are a part of all that.

Whatever your belief, I hope today brings you peace and love.

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