Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smell of herbs...

Tonight the house smells of healing herbs as they infuse their properties into the oil they are soaking in. In time I will strain them, let them cool, then add the right amount of beeswax and pour them into the easy to use containers. A good portion of this batch will be in the mail Monday morning, heading out to help some pretty special people ease their muscle aches. The rest will be put into the shop.

Tomorrow morning I'll be working some more on a custom yarn order that will be going out to a very special person. I love applying the colors to the yarns, adding just a hint of this and a whisper of that. When they have finished drying, it warms my heart to know that someone will be using these yarns to make something beautiful and warm. When I see the projects on Ravelry, I can't help but smile and know that someone put so much love into a gift for a loved one, or for themselves.

And these wonderful things are what make this job so rewarding. I am grateful for all the folks out there who are using my yarns to brighten up a day.

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