Friday, April 29, 2011

A Sad Pagan Trend

More and more, I'm seeing a complete lack of open-mindedness from a group of people who claim to be tolerant and open-minded.

Pagans. Yes, you read that right, Pagans. So many of the ones I have met over the last several years have nothing kind to say about anyone different than them. It seems their whole attitude is, "Bash the Christians! Bash the Republicans! Bash the soldiers! Bash the gun owners! Bash the other nations! Bash everyone whose not Pagan!"

It makes me sick to think that people like this are so oblivious to the true meaning of "We are One". As if we do not have enough hatred and negativity in this world? Step outside of your tiny world and see just how much world there really is out there. Stop focusing on all the crap in your mind and open up to the wonders of being really tolerant to someone different than you.

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