Sunday, April 24, 2011

Interesting turn of events

For some time I've been feeling a need to replace my pendant. I rarely remove my necklace, only doing so when I know for sure that it will be in the way of something I am doing. I saved up for this pendant, knowing that it was the one I was supposed to be wearing. Odd? perhaps, but the Universe was telling me that the pendant was meant to be mine. Step forward into the future and you have me in my current state: needing to find a new pendant.

Now, I don't purchase jewelry lightly. I search for the right item, and ask myself many questions before settling on the right one. So, I began my research. I wanted something that would represent the various areas of my life and to epitomize the awesome gift I consider my life to be.

So, I found one that was about as close as I could find. It wasn't perfect, but I would wear it anyway. After I placed the order I received an email from the woman I was buying the pendant from. She didn't have the same one in stock and would I consider a replacement? After looking at the picture she sent, I agreed and went about my day. When the pendant arrived at my door, I was fairly flabbergasted; this pendant was even more perfect than I could have wished for! It is so detailed and each element can symbolize the parts of my life most important to me.When I emailed the woman to let her know of this, she explained that something odd had happened in her shop... the original pendant was missing from the drawer she stored it in. She had done inventory only a week before and knew that it was in the drawer, yet when she tried to fill my order, it was gone. Instead she found this pendant, which is one that she'd not had in stock in over a year!

All in all, this was a wonderful outcome.

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