Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yes, that's what I'm feeling today. Gratitude for my health and well-being. Gratitude for my loved ones' health and well-being. Even stronger than that, though, are the prayers for the people who have been hit so strongly by all the recent storms. At this time, no one I know has been hit with anything more than a couple of thunderstorms and some strong winds, and that is an enormous relief.

I have really good friends.

This morning I woke around 4:00... I let the dog out, just in case he needed to go, and the air was as still as could be. Almost as soon as he crossed the threshold back into the house, the wind slammed intous, nearly pushing the door back open before I had a chance to latch it. I checked for any weather alert updates (there were none), then went back to bed, but couldn't really get back to sleep. I tried several relaxation techniques, but just couldn't get relaxed enough. I listened to the wind blowing through the mostly bare branches outside the window and wondered how long it would last. I dozed in and out for a while, then realized that something seemed a bit off. At the same time, the wind was rattling my bedroom window, which was pretty odd since it's a vinyl window and the latch is very tight. That's when I realized the power was out all around me. And I called the one person who I knew would be awake and willing to check the weather for me.

A couple hours after that I texted another friend (from Ravelry) to let them know what was going on (she's the only one in my time zone whose number is programmed into my cell phone) since I knew that she would spread the word to the other Ravelers. Sure enough, when I got back online there were several of my friends sending out thoughts of safety and well-being.

Yes, my friends are awesome.

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