Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smell of herbs...

Tonight the house smells of healing herbs as they infuse their properties into the oil they are soaking in. In time I will strain them, let them cool, then add the right amount of beeswax and pour them into the easy to use containers. A good portion of this batch will be in the mail Monday morning, heading out to help some pretty special people ease their muscle aches. The rest will be put into the shop.

Tomorrow morning I'll be working some more on a custom yarn order that will be going out to a very special person. I love applying the colors to the yarns, adding just a hint of this and a whisper of that. When they have finished drying, it warms my heart to know that someone will be using these yarns to make something beautiful and warm. When I see the projects on Ravelry, I can't help but smile and know that someone put so much love into a gift for a loved one, or for themselves.

And these wonderful things are what make this job so rewarding. I am grateful for all the folks out there who are using my yarns to brighten up a day.

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Sad Pagan Trend

More and more, I'm seeing a complete lack of open-mindedness from a group of people who claim to be tolerant and open-minded.

Pagans. Yes, you read that right, Pagans. So many of the ones I have met over the last several years have nothing kind to say about anyone different than them. It seems their whole attitude is, "Bash the Christians! Bash the Republicans! Bash the soldiers! Bash the gun owners! Bash the other nations! Bash everyone whose not Pagan!"

It makes me sick to think that people like this are so oblivious to the true meaning of "We are One". As if we do not have enough hatred and negativity in this world? Step outside of your tiny world and see just how much world there really is out there. Stop focusing on all the crap in your mind and open up to the wonders of being really tolerant to someone different than you.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yes, that's what I'm feeling today. Gratitude for my health and well-being. Gratitude for my loved ones' health and well-being. Even stronger than that, though, are the prayers for the people who have been hit so strongly by all the recent storms. At this time, no one I know has been hit with anything more than a couple of thunderstorms and some strong winds, and that is an enormous relief.

I have really good friends.

This morning I woke around 4:00... I let the dog out, just in case he needed to go, and the air was as still as could be. Almost as soon as he crossed the threshold back into the house, the wind slammed intous, nearly pushing the door back open before I had a chance to latch it. I checked for any weather alert updates (there were none), then went back to bed, but couldn't really get back to sleep. I tried several relaxation techniques, but just couldn't get relaxed enough. I listened to the wind blowing through the mostly bare branches outside the window and wondered how long it would last. I dozed in and out for a while, then realized that something seemed a bit off. At the same time, the wind was rattling my bedroom window, which was pretty odd since it's a vinyl window and the latch is very tight. That's when I realized the power was out all around me. And I called the one person who I knew would be awake and willing to check the weather for me.

A couple hours after that I texted another friend (from Ravelry) to let them know what was going on (she's the only one in my time zone whose number is programmed into my cell phone) since I knew that she would spread the word to the other Ravelers. Sure enough, when I got back online there were several of my friends sending out thoughts of safety and well-being.

Yes, my friends are awesome.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Peaceful feeling

Sometimes the most peaceful thing I can think of is a sleeping cat. When I see them laying there, oblivious to the world around them, I'm reminded of how I should be sometimes. Unconcerned of what others think or do.

Recently I was told by more than one person that the picture Brianna is using on Facebook is disturbing. I added the same paragraph to each response to those people and will include it here as well:
Brianna's picture was in support of people who can not speak for themselves. Movies and books such as "Speak" and "The Stoning of Soraya M." showcase girls/women who can not speak for themselves in the society they live in. All too often young girls and even much older women fear the consequences of standing up for themselves and speaking out against domestic violence and other assaults. The knife (actually a box cutter) represents the ability to remove the shackles of society and let your voice be heard. Sadly, too many people would look at that picture and wonder if she is mentally unstable or something... all the more reason we should rebuild our society to allow women to stop fearing punishment for defending themselves.

 I can understand why some people might wonder about this picture, but the ones who know Brianna, the ones who say that they care for her and love her, they should know what kind of a person she is and what kind of values she has. I think they should have looked at this picture and asked themselves, "What message is she trying to convey?"

And this is one more reason I feel a need to encourage my daughter even more for standing up for what she believes in.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Interesting turn of events

For some time I've been feeling a need to replace my pendant. I rarely remove my necklace, only doing so when I know for sure that it will be in the way of something I am doing. I saved up for this pendant, knowing that it was the one I was supposed to be wearing. Odd? perhaps, but the Universe was telling me that the pendant was meant to be mine. Step forward into the future and you have me in my current state: needing to find a new pendant.

Now, I don't purchase jewelry lightly. I search for the right item, and ask myself many questions before settling on the right one. So, I began my research. I wanted something that would represent the various areas of my life and to epitomize the awesome gift I consider my life to be.

So, I found one that was about as close as I could find. It wasn't perfect, but I would wear it anyway. After I placed the order I received an email from the woman I was buying the pendant from. She didn't have the same one in stock and would I consider a replacement? After looking at the picture she sent, I agreed and went about my day. When the pendant arrived at my door, I was fairly flabbergasted; this pendant was even more perfect than I could have wished for! It is so detailed and each element can symbolize the parts of my life most important to me.When I emailed the woman to let her know of this, she explained that something odd had happened in her shop... the original pendant was missing from the drawer she stored it in. She had done inventory only a week before and knew that it was in the drawer, yet when she tried to fill my order, it was gone. Instead she found this pendant, which is one that she'd not had in stock in over a year!

All in all, this was a wonderful outcome.

A renewed life...

Sometimes, there are areas in our lives that become too cumbersome to continue keeping around. My old blog was one of those areas. I purchased several years ago and have been holding onto the thought that I need to stay loyal to the hosting site I originally started it with. Over the years, it has become increasingly challenging to justify the continued payment for that hosting. I've been trying to keep in mind that I own that name. It is mine. But what doesn't make sense lately is the need to continue paying someone for it. The name is mine and has been for a long time now. I no longer feel a need to prove that to the world.

I guess that's a little like most areas of my life. I see people putting down a religion simply because it isn't their own. Some of you might be thinking that they know what I'm talking about, but I have to tell you that it's the religion based on acceptance and being open-minded that I see this happening most often. Yes, I'm seeing more and more Pagans putting down Christianity. Is that really necessary? For myself, I don't believe so. True, I'm not part of a mainstream religious belief, but I don't feel persecuted for that. At one point in my life I did, but I'm beginning to think it was simply because those were my expectations. I was positive the world in general was out to get me because I was a Witch. Perhaps that was the energy I brought to myself in those days. Now? I hardly get a raised eyebrow.

So, here's to a new start on a Christian holiday that represents new beginnings. After all, this is a day to celebrate a renewed life, right? It's not all about the chocolate bunnies and the egg hunts, it's about the feeling of a life that felt as though it had ended, only to discover that it can be changed, you can come back from death.

Yes, this is all metaphorical, and when you think about it, I'm probably not making that much sense to the world. That's fine. I know that when I have felt "dead" to things that normally brought my joy, there was a moment when the Life was refreshed, things were beautiful again. This is the message I choose to listen to on this day.